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Fun Activities for all the family

Mallorca: the jewel of the Mediterranean. Indeed some would say that this beautiful island was created especially for families. Whether you are on holiday here or own a property on the island, you will find that Mallorca really is so incredibly child-friendly.
Let’s take an example: golden beaches with crystal clear waters – what child doesn’t just love to splash around in the sea, make sand castles on the beach and enjoy an ice cream afterwards!
Or perhaps hire a pedalo for a bit of a relaxing family adventure exploring a nearby cove?
If the kiddies are feeling a little more adventurous, how about treating them to a scuba diving lesson? Highly qualified multi-lingual diving instructors are experienced in teaching children the basic skills needed to explore the depths in a safe environment.

Even though Mallorca is justifiably famous for its miles and miles of beautiful coastline, it’s not all just sun, sea and sangria. There are plenty of other entertainment options available to keep the kids occupied.
There are a number of superb water parks, for example, such as Aqua City in Arenal and Marineland in Portals Nous. Performing dolphins, water chutes, pools and slides, fascinating displays of birds, reptiles and sea life…there’s certainly enough to keep them busy during the day.
Ever dreamt of exploring life beneath the waves in a submarine? Well, if you are looking for something really special – no matter what your age – you could take a trip in a mini submarine.
Just being able to spot, in close up, the fascinating sea life that lies beneath the Mediterranean is something your family will remember for many years to come.

Mallorca is also popular for a range of diverting sporting activities. Cycling, go-carting, surfing, sailing, tennis, horse riding…just some of the many activities guaranteed make the children sleep soundly at night.
Even though the island of Mallorca is relatively small (did you know that the English county of Devon is actually bigger than Mallorca?) there are some fabulous options for a big day out.  A visit to the lovely town of Soller is an absolute must via the island’s famous vintage train. There is a collection of awe-inspiring medieval castles to explore, as well as some extremely interesting museums and art galleries to savour.

You’ll find a number of beautiful reservas on the island too, where you can come across camels, ostriches, antelopes and so on, as well as explore the stunning interior landscape of this lovely island. And when the temperatures begin to rise, how about escaping the midday sun and take the kids on an underground expedition?
The good news is, Mallorca is blessed a number of fabulous cave systems where you can enjoy a guided tour of vast underground caverns and stand in awe at the beautiful stalagmites and stalactites.
All in all the lovely island of Mallorca is one of the finest family-orientated destinations in Europe. So simply enjoy the ‘Best of Mallorca’!


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