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A flawless skin without dark spots is not an accident but is number one priority on everyone’s beauty list to have a younger look. There are several non surgical ways to remove excess pigment from your skin that give great results. Winter is the ideal time to opt for a brightening treatment and take care of your skin. There are a wide choice of treatments so we spoke to dr Marisol Carrasco about Cosmelan B, a breakthrough treatment considered one the best and most effective treatments available.

“This leave-on peel with a high concentration of antioxidants and skin brightening actives is great especially for fat and mixed skin. Cosmelan is a power-level treatment program for reduction of brown spots, to reverse the damage cause by the exposure to sunlight and it is very effective for acne patients. Continued and repeated use of the treatment is recommended for optimum results!

Cosmelan is applied by distributing it to form a face mask, the patient goes home with the mask. He can remove it after the action time of 7/8 hours has elapsed.
The patient comes back for control and a hydrating treament after 48 hours. For the next weeks following the initial treatment, we will prescribe a treament that can be done at home. Continued and repeated use of the treatment is recommended for optimum results.

After a month from the first application, we will perform a skinscanner test and that will already show a change in skin  color and texture . If you would like to know more about this or other treatments offered by Clinica de Medicina Estetica Borne 15, you can contact Dr. Marisol Carrasco for an appointment.

Don’t let this winter go by without getting rid of the dark spots.

Dra Marisol Carrasco
Clínica de Medicina Estética Borne15

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