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Massage: The secret to a healthy life

Once considered a luxury, massage is increasingly being embraced as a medical treatment. As a matter of fact, research conducted over the past few years,has shown that massage therapyis not only being used to treat chronic back pain, but also to reduce anxiety and depression, and a number of disorders and diseases that range from fibromyalgia, to temporomandibular joint and muscle disorders, irritable bowel syndrome etc….

Moreover, massage therapy improves blood flow, releases toxins and accelerates wound healing, reduces cortisol levels and helps prevent migraines, insomnia or other tension-related issues.All these are valid reasons to integrate massage into your wellness routine.


But what type of massage would you choose?

We all know about Swedish and Ayurvedic massage and their relaxing, energizing and anti-aging benefits but when you’re talking about having a massage for health issues, the most important thing is to find a therapist who has not only experience and expertise but is also able to combine different types of techniques, various levels of pressure and movement so that you can achieve deeper and more consistent results.

Using this integrative approach to massage therapy, the therapists at SHAMBHALA tailor-make a session based on individual needs and by using a combination of several techniques. Their most popular signature treatment and certainly one for your bucket list, is the "A La Pietra" massage, a most complete and personalized experience incorporating different techniques like Ayurveda, sports massage, trigger point pressure, reflexology, stretching performed using different kind of stones and Tyro-lanvai oil.
Muscle tension and harmful toxins are released as the smooth stones and oil move over the muscle. The Hot Stone Massage is also thought to correct posture and harmonize the body, mind and spirit.


The centre also specializes in Sports Massage, tailored to help professional athletes improve their performance. Designed to warm up muscle tissue, assist in training, prevent or treat lesions and injuries, the Sports Massage can be adapted to the training and competition schedule of each athlete. It is divided into three categories, each with specific goals and techniques:

Pre-Competition Massage, which can be performed 24 hours prior to an event, or up until the moment the competition starts.

Post-Competition Massage, which is designed to shorten the recovery following competition or strenuous exercise and is adapted to the specific strength and energy requirements of each type of sport.

Maintenance Massage which is performed on a regular basis, for example between competitions, to help maintain the health and function of muscles, tendons, and ligaments so as to reduce the risk of injuries, allow quick recovery and improve performance.

Above and beyond their skills and professionalism and providing client-centered treatments, the massage therapists at SHAMBHALA stand out for their commitment to your long term well-being .


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