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Whether you call it ultrasonic treatment, lipo cavitation or fat cavitation this is ‘the’ treatment that works if you want to get rid of those ugly fat deposits in abdomen, buttocks, or legs. To date, cavitation  is the most revolutionary techniqueof dealing with excess body fat. This success is due to stunning results - you'll see an immediate improvement, after the first session; you may need from only 2 to 5 sessions in total, to get the desired results.

Until recently, the only method available to get rid of body fat instantly was a liposuction surgery. Ultrasonic Cavitation instead, is non-invasive treatment that uses low frequency ultrasonic waves to depletes stubborn fat cells under the skin. There are no side effects or pain involved although, it may produce a little redness of the skin which can last up to two hours in some people. Treatment allows for a full social life both before and after the sessions.


How does it work?

Cavitation is the repeated and controlled generation of vacuum micro bubbles in the fatty tissue followed by their implosion.The implosion damages the fat cells, reducing the localized adiposity.
The excess pressure to which the fat cells are exposed breaks down their membranes changing the physical state of the fat deposits from solid to liquid. The fat contained in them –the triglycerides- becomes fragmented into diglycerides, which can be eliminated in the urine.Treatment sessions generally last 35 minutes, and the minimum suggested number of sessions is 6 to 10.

However, cavitation is not a alternative to eating a healthy diet and exercising. A low calorie diet and the ingestion of at least two litres of water is recommended to produce the desired results. Moreover, a balanced diet is recommended to ensure durability and avoid the new appearance of cellulitis.


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