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Eight top chefs and six Michelin stars on the 2013 Culinary Safari at the St. Regis Mardavall Mallorca Resort.
Chef of the century Eckart Witzigmann, Christian Jürgens from the Überfahrt, Thomas Kammeier from Hugos in Berlin, Otto Koch from Munich's Restaurant 181, Thomas Kahl from the Es Fum in the St. Regis Mardavall, Martin Fauster from Munich's Königshof, Iker González from the Hotel María Cristina in San Sebastián and British chef Marc Fosh are the hostsof this year's culinary safari to be held for the third time on June 16, 2013 at the St. Regis Mardavall Mallorca Resort. A total of 200 guests are expected to attend the event, where they can enjoy global cuisine cooked to perfection in an atmospheric setting.


                  Martin Fauster                                      Marc Fosh                                        Iker González

Martin Fauster
Gourmet Restaurant Königshof - Hotel Königshof, Munich

"Simple, good quality, clear-cut cooking. A focus on the main product, original, witty cuisine, a no-nonsense approach." This is how Martin Fauster, 39, describes the style of cooking practiced by himself and his team at Munich's Hotel Königshof, following his many years spent working in kitchens all around the globe. Once he'd finished his apprenticeship, Martin Fauster was drawn to the Austrian metropolis Vienna and the Hotel Intercontinental, where he discovered exotic seafood and herbs which could be used to prepare dishes, the like of which had never been seen before.
This was when it really came home to him that, having originally viewed his chosen profession as a skilled trade, he had since developed a true passion for cooking which would shape his future career.
He went on to work at Quellenhof in Bad Ragaz, for Alfons Schuhbeck in the Kurhausstüberl, in Steirereck in Vienna (two Michelin stars), Tantris in Munich and the Maisons de Bricourt in Brittany. It was at this point that Martin Fauster returned to Munich to guide the fortunes of the restaurant Tantris together with Hans Haas.
Martin Fauster has been cooking at the Königshof since May 1, 2004. In that year, his creations were given 18 out of 20 points in the Gault Millau, also earning a Michelin star. His cook book, "Martin Fauster" was published in 2008 in the "Bibliothek der Köche" ("Library of Chefs") series for the Süddeutsche Zeitung Edition.

Marc Fosh
Restaurants Simply Fosh - Tasca de Blanquerna, Misa Braseria

Marc Fosh is without any doubt the most creative cookery talent in Europe. He began his culinary career in 1981 at London’s Greenhouse restaurant before moving on to the Michelin-starred Chelsea Room at the Carlton Tower Hotel. His passion for the discovery of new dishes took him to Spain. Here, he developed his own unique style of cuisine with fresh ingredients and high quality products. The result is a simple cuisine with pure tastes and great flavours. In 2002, this English chef de cuisine at Read’s Hotel in Santa Maria was the first British chef to be awarded a Michelin star in Majorca.
After 14 years behind the stove, he set up his own business. The gastronomic multi-concept Fosh food is made up of the restaurants Simply Fosh, Tasca de Blanquerna and Misa Braseria, a cookery school, his own line of products, catering and provisions for yachts.

Iker González
Hotel María Cristina, San Sebastián

Chef de cuisine Iker González has been plying his trade in the beautiful and recently renovated Hotel María Cristina in the Basque town of San Sebastián since 2005. The 38-year-old Basque national began his culinary voyage when he trained at the hotel management college in San Sebastián, finishing in 1996. He then moved straight to France, where he completed further training in patisserie in Biarritz, before gaining initial experience in Michelin-starred establishments in the restaurants Martín Berasategui and Zuberoa.
He then spent three years with the hotel company Meliá Hotels & Resorts in Cuba and Italy as well as at the Hotel Juan Carlos I in Barcelona. Iker González prepares dishes that are down-to-earth and steeped in tradition, reflecting his love of the Basque country. His repertoire includes fine tapas, pintxos and petiscos. For his fish and seafood creations, he usually favors produce from the nearby Cantabrian Sea.
              Christian Jürgens                                Thomas Kahl                                      Thomas kammeier

Christian Jürgens

Gourmet-Restaurant Überfahrt-  Seehotel Überfahrt, Rottach-Egern

”This is where I learnt to swim,” is how Christian Jürgens describes his special relationship with the Tegernsee, with its cool, deep waters, clearly set against the panorama of the alpine foothills, radiating its calm beauty. His imaginative “nature cuisine” is in fact full of anecdotes, quotes and declarations of love for the adopted place of residence of this chef born in Westphalia.
After periods spent with his masters and idols Eckart Witzigmann, Jörg Müller and Heinz Winkler, this 43 year-old, together with his team, now captains the “Überfahrer”, the traditional means of transport on the Tegernsee, and since then he has been moving purposefully onwards, with powerful strokes. His two Michelin stars are proof of this, as are his 19 Gault Millau points and five “F”s from German “Feinschmecker” magazine. Jürgen’s cooking school, the “Genusswerkstatt” (culinary delight workshop), is the cherry on top – a place for exiting encounters and relaxed culinary delights.

Thomas Kahl
Gourmet-Restaurant Es Fum - St. Regis Mardavall Mallorca Resort

After his training, Austrian born Thomas Kahl started his professional career in Munich where, at the age of 22, he was allowed to cook as a chef de partie with Hans Haas in the Tantris restaurant– which had been awarded two stars in the Michelin guide and 19 points in Gault Millau.
Three years on, he moved across the Atlantic to New York: in the Danube restaurant, know throughout the city, he worked as sous-chef for two years under executive chef Mario Lohninger. Stays with Pierre Gagnaire in Paris were to follow and after he passed his exam to become a chef de cuisine in Stromburg under Johan Lafer, he worked there for a year as the director of the cookery school before working as the chef de cuisine in the restaurant Le Val d’Or for three years. Since February 2009, Thomas Kahl has worked as chef de cuisine in the Restaurant Es Fum which was awarded a Michelin star in November 2011. Although Thomas Kahl remains faithful to the classic basics of cuisine, for example the traditional preparation of a sauce, he interprets these anew with innovative preparation and cooking methods and he develops sophisticated combinations, seasoning it all with a touch of the experimental.

Thomas Kammeier
Hugos - Hotel Intercontinental, Berlin

Concentration, precision, speed – cooking is highly demanding. Inspiration, intuition, instinct – cooking is a breeze. Michelin-starred chef Thomas Kammeier unites both aspects every evening in Hugos. Working together, Kammeier and his team create individual, exclusive culinary experiences for their guests, composing tastes which delight the palate with a perfect balance of suspense and harmony. The chef has been creating incomparable worlds of flavor in Hugos since 1998. His aim: to pamper guests and surprise them with stimulating sensual impressions. Kammeier elicits a range of different flavors from top-quality ingredients – a feat he pulls off without compromising any of their natural integrity. He brings creative culinary ideas to life, celebrating the art of cooking at its most inspired, high above Berlin.

                                         Otto Koch                                               Eckart Witzigmann

Otto Koch

Restaurant 181 Business & First - Munich's Olympiaturm

Perched 181 meters above the ground, it's like being on a plane! Otto Koch, patron of Restaurant 181 Business & First in the Olympiaturm, treats his guests as they "fly" over Munich. The Restaurant 181 Business serves international cuisine for gourmets in a befitting ambience every day of the week while the Restaurant 181 First celebrates Michelin-starred cuisine, currently served in eight courses. With 17 Gault Millau points and a Michelin star to his name, Otto Koch was chef de cuisine at "Le Gourmet" for 20 years and then at "Le Gourmet & Schwarzwälder" in Munich. He has been a gourmet chef and culinary advisor to Robinson Clubs since 1996 and a television chef for the program "ARD-Büffet" for 12 years.  He was awarded a certificate of honor for outstanding services to cooking in Germany by the German President.  

Eckart Witzingmann
The chef of the century

Austrian-born Eckart Witzigmann trained in the best establishments in the world and his outstanding talent was fostered by the best in the field. Paul Bocuse, Roger Vergè, the Troisgros brothers and especially Paul Haeberlin have given Witzigmann support for his unusual talent during his extraordinary career.
After his stays in France Eckart Witzigmann gained international experience in the most renowned establishments in the world. For example the "Operakällaren" in Stockholm, the "Cafe Royal" in London or the "Jockey Club" in Washington D.C. Witzigmann spent 13 years altogether abroad, before he started the culinary revolution in Germany from Munich’s “Tantris” in 1971. In 1978 he opened his own establishment, the legendary “Aubergine”, also in Munich, which was the first establishment in Germany to be awarded three Michelin stars in 1979.
When the French restaurant guide “Gault Millau” nominated Eckart Witzigmann “chef of the century”, he joined the group of the most famous chefs alive. This title has only been awarded to three other masters before: Paul Bocuse, Joël Robuchon and Frédy Girardet. But Eckart Witzigmann doesn’t rest on his laurels today: apart from his patronage of the Red Bull restaurant Ikarus in Hangar-7, he is a successful writer of cookery books and a gastronomy consultant all around the globe.

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