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Pottery in Mallorca is a craft that has its roots in the Pretalaiotic period of the Neolithic age.
The pottery found in archaeological sites on the island indicates that primitive people already made cooking utensils with an extraordinary sense of shape and aesthetics. Mallorca was the first place in Europe where the Hispanic-Moorish pottery was developed. It was exported to Sicily and the rest of Italy where it was so successful that it ended up losing its Arab influence in favor of a European aesthetics. It gave raise to the Mayolica pottery.


The main areas specialized in this craft is Marratxí , there are large red clay deposits outside Pòrtol and the areas of Alaró, Consell, Felanitx, Manacor and Pollença.
The most typical ceramic piece is the siurell, a handmade figure that is whitewashed and decorated with red and green stripes. A whistle is attached to the bottom of the figure, representing a number of different characters and animals.
Other typical items are pots, red-brown plates, wine jars called “pitxers”, painted tiles, nativity scenes and “greixoneres”, a type of casserole that is essential to cook Mallorcan traditional dishes. Artists sell their work in their own shops and on handicraft markets around the island.
The most important market is held in Plaza Major in Palma.


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