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Whether you are a lover of the ‘good life’, an adventure seeker or a sport fanatic, Mallorca will provide you with an ideal setting for a wide choice of activities, cultural sightseeing and experiences either at land, in the air or at sea. Fun, relaxation, adventure and sensual pleasures await you. Whether you opt for walking, hiking, cycling, driving activities or sailing, snorkeling and scuba diving rest assured that the variety of landscapes the island has to offer will amaze you beyond all expectations.


exp classiccars

Going Classic

One of the most enjoyable ways to discover the beauty of Mallorca’s scenic routes is driving a classic Austin Healey MKIII, a Triumph TR3, a Mercedes 280 Cabrio or a Porsche model with the wind of elegant nostalgia ruffling your hair.

Classic car driving is a true experience for all the sensed with its combination of impressive sightseeing, gastronomic delights and fun under the sun.
exp yachting

Island Hopping

Explore Mallorca by sea and discover the enchantment of the Mediterranean on a sailing vessel or a magnificent yacht.

Whether for corporate entertainment, an escape with family and friends or a honeymoon, a holiday on a fully crewed yacht is about total privacy, personal service, gourmet meals, absolute relaxation, and the total freedom to decide where to go and what to do.


Hit the wave

It is an amazing alchemy of board design, tricks and techniques from various sports like surfing, skateboarding and wakeboarding. You ride on artificial waves created by multiple, high-energy pumps that project a three inch layer of water over a surface that flows at between 20 and 30 miles per hour, with as much as 100,000 gallons of water a minute being propelled

Anyone with a good sense of body control and balance can ride. Experience must be gained to be able to perform tricks on a board. It is a relatively safe sport, however one must use caution to avoid face and head injuries when falling off the board.

Underwater Adventure

No need to be a diver to experience the submarine world!
Mallorca is one of the few locations in the world where you can explore what lies under the sea on board of your own sub-scooter.

With minimal training anyone, even children, can cruise the underwater world without the need to wear cumbersome dive equipment.
Comfortably seated, you breathe freely and naturally in a transparent panoramic cupola.
For your safety, a guide diver will accompany during your excursion.


Authentic Mallorca

exp sineu


Steeped in history and full of traditional charm, Sineu is sure to appeal those visitors seeking the more authentic side of Mallorca and a quiet holiday.

This quaint rural village is nestled in the interior of the island.
As well as its weekly market, Sineu is known for its authentic gastronomy and its ‘cellars’ , typical Mallorcan restaurants serving traditional dishes such as roast suckling pig (aka “lechona") or the leg of lamb (“paletilla de cordero").

exp puigpunyent


A quaint little village immersed in an idyllic mountain setting covered with pine forests and 100 year old holm oak trees and surrounded by vineyards and agro tourism hotels that provide the visitor with a taste of traditional Mallorca.

It is a wonderful area to explore: its valley was one of the first inhabited areas on the island and this is clearly visible through the amount of talayots that can be found in the area. The nearby mountains include Puig de Galatzó (1035m), Mola de la Planícia (932m), and Fita des Ram (833m). Further on down the valley is the small and picturesque village of Galilea.
exp orient


Located between Alaro’ and Bunyola and surrounded by mountains, Orient is a paradise for walkers and nature lovers that will charm its visitors with its stone houses and sloping streets. There are less than hundred homes here, a couple of country hotels and restaurants and a little village church, but an abundance of apple and orange orchards set against a picture-postcard backdrop of towering mountains.

The area is excellent for cycle tourism or a combination of cycling with other activities. In the surrounding area you will find Alaró Castle and the Alfábia Gardens in Bunyola. Hiking is another popular activity in the area: think of the Coanegra stream, Alfábia mountain, Puig de l’Ofre and Puig de La Rateta.
exp galilea


Hikers, artists and tourists come here to discover the real Mallorca and enjoy life away from the hustle and bustle immersed in the silence of countryside at an altitude of 550 meters above sea level.

Once predominantly an agricultural centre of medieval origins, it is now mainly residential with a population of around 200 inhabitants

Named Galilea for its similarity to the Holy Land, this village is situated within the protected natural area of Serra Tramuntana between Puigpunyent and Es Capdellà.




exp mandrago


A fascinating variety of plants and animals make their home in this protected area - located on Mallorcas´s south-east coast in the municipal district of Santanyi – covering a total surface of 785 hectares. The area is composed of Na Batia, Sa Rota des Pi, torrent de ses Fonts n'Alis, S'Amarador reservoir, Calo d'en Borgit beach, S'Amarador beach and playa Mondrago. The reserve is made up of open ravines, streams, beaches coastal cliffs and small dune systems. Vegetation includes the white pine, the juniper and wild olive bush and botanical species of great ecological interest such as lentisco, sea fennel, sea lily as well as animal life including amphibians, reptiles and a great variety of birds.

Visitors can decide on their own itinerary within the park,enjoying a tour through the different ecosystems either by foot or by bicycle. The park has two entrances: the road from Santanyí to s'Alqueria Blanca, and the road from Santanyí to Cala Figuera. And is open every day from 9am to 4pm.
exp malgrat

Islas Malgrat

Just opposite the bay of Santa Ponsa, at just five minutes boat journey from its marina, there are the two islets known by the name of ‘ Islas Malgrat’. An area of about 100 hectares, they have recently been made into a marine reserve because of their high ecological and fishing value to the region and the diversity of animal habitats and communities.

Here visitors will find a unique site to enjoy nature at its best through activities such as scuba-diving, kayaking or sailing.

 The wreck of a 133 meter long vessel that sank in 2007 and that lies in the waters surrounding the islands, has formed an artificial reef that fosters sea life in the area.


exp cabrera
A naturally blessed area of 30km², surrounded by incredibly blue and transparent waters and rich in wildlife and plants, Cabrera was declared a National Park in 1991. It is famous for its wildlife and the several different species of lizards and birds that inhabit the area.

There are organised daily boat excursions to Cabrera from March to October; the trip takes about an hour. You can also visit with your own yacht, but you must get permission in advance as access is limited to only a few ships at a time. Once you arrive you can only walk on two short paths marked on the island, one path leads to the castle located on a cliff, the other takes you to two idyllic beaches: a sandy one and the other with rock pools.

There is also the offer of a free excursion offered by the National Park staff. Visits include:
the castle of Cabrera, the French POW monument and the National Park Museum of Cabrera.
On the way back, the boat stops off at the "Blue Grotto" for a swim.

exp albufera
Located between Muro and Can Picafort, facing the bay of Alcudia and separated from the sea by a belt of dunes, S’Albufera is the largest wetland area in the Balearic Islands, with a surface of nearly 1.700hectares.

This stunningly beautiful area, commonly missed off the tourist-trail, became a protected reserve in 1988 and houses several species of plants, fish and animals .The ecological richness of the area is based on water and habitats vary according to their distance from the sea. The reserve is best known for birds and attracts a huge number of ornithologists who every year travel from across Spain and Europe to marvel the richness of wildlife offer. Today, 271 different species of birds can be identified but what you see is often down to being in the right place at the right time. Spring and autumn are the best times to visit Mallard ducks, swallows and nightingales are found in abundance throughout the area, whilst the fish eagle, common kestrel and the falcon are frequent visitors.

The reserve is open from 09.00hrs -18.00 hrs from April 1-September 30, and from 09.00hrs -17.00hrs from October 1-March 30. Access is by bike or foot.



BEST of MALLORCA recommends

  • Customized services
  • Small groups 
  • Possibility to spend the night over (upon request).
  • Opportunity to experience padel, surf, snorkel, trekking, diving.
  • Food packages.  




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Heli Tours

Definitely one of the most spectacular sightseeing experiences and a guaranteed highlight of your trip to Mallorca.


Enjoy the breathtaking views of the Traumuntana Mountain Range, track along the picturesque coastline passing by the homes of the many celebrities living in Mallorca or opt for a custom tour and select the places that you wish to discover.


exp balloon


Drift along with the breeze, as the hot-air balloon gently floats up in the sky, where all is quiet and peaceful and the view of Mallorca below is simply stunning.

On clear days you will be able to see the whole island and some of the neighbouring islands too.
Special flights can be arranged to national parks, above the almond blossom or a romantic full moon trip

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Gorge Walking

Gorge walking –also known as canyoning - takes you well off the beaten track and through the capricious formations that nature has sculpted, jumping into pools and scrambling over rocks and rushing water.

It can be cold and wet, however the sense of adventure and achievement gained from completing the walk will make this experience well worthwhile.
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Horse Riding

Horse riding is a fantastic way to discover and enjoy the forests and beaches of Mallorca. Horseback or carriage excursions are available all across the island.

You also have the option of an "all in " riding holiday, where you live on a traditional ‘finca’ and take tours into the surrounding countryside..


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