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Lovely as it is to unwind on your sunbed for a fortnight every year, it can get a tad boring for even the most dedicated sun worshipper. So what better way to inject some excitement into your vacation than to take a ‘water-holiday’ with fantastic Captain Mauricio and his team.

With a wide variety of week-long, all-inclusive sailing tours available, featuring visits to unique spots and including exhilarating adventures, Sail Mallorca Holidays offers something for everyone. Whether you are an experienced sailor, have a special interest in marine ecology, submarine fishing, off-shore fishing or are a thrill seeker sailing from cove to cove in search of the next opportunity for cliff- jumping or rock climbing, Sail Mallorca Holidays will provide you a unique and all-round experience of Mallorca from the sea.

Although there is much to choose from when you book a package, the focus is always on quality. Moreover, you can also opt for a custom designed program created around your special needs, in order for you to enjoy the crystal clear waters and explore the diverse locations of the Mallorca’s coastline with your party, family or friends. But that’s not all. At Sail Mallorca Holidays they share the same passion for food as they do for sailing. You will be enjoying four-star chef prepared meals based on authentic local cuisine,including vegetarian, seafood and meat options plus a great selection of wines.

Full of local knowledge, a sense of adventure and good humour, the team at sailing Holidays Mallorca make this company stand out as the best on the island.
Book early to avoid disappointment, these guys are seriously in demand right now, and keep an eye on their web page for updates and announcements.


The boats are equipped with all you need to enjoy water sports, from fishing gear, snorkelling kits and paddleboard, to an inflatable 2-person kayak and a dinghy,

s/n, Carrer Muelle
07012 Palma de Malllorca

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Elegant, historic, flamboyant, unpretentious..., we have done our best to capture the essence of each hotel, what makes it special to us and right for you.

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